Beauty benefits of saffron

Generally saffron is a highly expensive spice when compared with those of remaining spices. This has become popular and valuable because of the unique properties that are present in it. That is the main reason why it is mingled with the high priced  beauty products, and no doubt it plays a lead role when it comes to beauty.


Apart from beauty benefits, saffron’s unique color,taste,flavor,aroma and the various other properties make it renowned all over the world.

Having saffron in  any form  give us various benefits in various categories-

– As they contain plant-derived chemical components they prevent diseases.

– It is also a digestive and anticonvulsant.

– It makes our body lose depressing characteristics.

– It is used in various therapies like body healing and also in spas.

– It contains potassium, that helps in cell formation and repair , and also maintain blood pressure keeping heart diseases at bay.

– helps in blood cell production.

– It helps in maintaining optimum health,weight loss and diet control, respiratory health, mental health, sexual health, combating diabetes.

Saffron benefits for skin:


It contains natural skin lightening qualities. It can be beneficial for our skin in the following different ways. Just follow them to look great.

– In a spoon full of  sandalwood powder,add 3 flakes of saffron, 2 spoons of milk, now apply that mixture to your face as a pack, after  half an hour wash it off with cold water. Repeating this once in a week makes your skin acne free and shinier. Some of them suffer with the blemishes this problem can be easily solved by this saffron as it contains anti bacterial properties.

– In a spoon full honey add 2 flakes saffron and let them soak, then add a spoon of yogurt and apply to your face this cleans your skin pores and the blemishes vanishes off.

Some of the people frequently feel sad that their skin tone is somewhat dark. These people just follow this remedy – just soak saffron in milk for an hour and then apply that milk to your neck, hands and face. let it all absorbed by the skin and then clean it off  away with lukewarm water. Following this frequently makes your skin tone improve day by day. Or else applying the mixture i.e; 2 flakes of saffron and pinch of turmeric in a milk cream give u the same result.

Different people have different skin types, like some of then have oily type where some have dry type and some have dead type. giving certain nutrition to your skin makes it glow, this is possible by saffron. just soak 3 flakes of saffron in a spoon full water the night before and the next day the color of the water changes. To this water add 1 spoon milk and 1 spoon sugar 2 drops of olive oil and apply to your body. Then have a cold water bath with a soap. This makes your skin glow.

Food additives: Saffron is an excellent replacement for food additives.

Here are some serving ideas 😉

1. Use saffron to give cakes, pastries and cookies a buttery golden hue and a rich aroma.


2. Cook biryanis with saffron combined cloves, cinnamon, Indian bay leaves and  nutmeg for a memorable taste.



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