Wanna look younger? Follow these Seven

Every one wish to look good and¬†younger ūüôā Firstly, though you are young, middle-aged or older the foremost thing you must and should have is a happy face. In a study some of them were shown photographs of some models with different expressions, the ones with fearful expressions made subjects look older, and the ones with¬†happy faces were rated as younger than they really were.

Well-Woman-ExamMany of them they keep focus only on the beauty products, but this is not enough. There must be some little changes to your daily routine. Just follow these and keep them in your day list.

1. Water: Drinking sufficient water gives your body moisturises your skin. Removes all the wastes and the dead cells present in your body. So drink water as much as you can without depending on your thirst.


2. Make Up: Though make up is a must and should thing to make your skin look neat and bright, it is not necessary to do it every day. It is compulsory to take off all your make up from your skin. If you don’t, the dust particles get stuck to your make up and makes your skin pores¬†larger.


3. Sunlight: Due to sunlight the skin becomes like it stretches. Due to this in the very early age the wrinkles appear. That is the reason we have to apply sunscreen lotion before we leave out in the sun. Always use cooling glasses, hat and a scarf.


4. Exercise: The more you are fit , the more you look younger. So you have to take a healthy diet. Do exercise at least for half an hour a day.


5. Frame your face: Always keep your eye-brows well groomed and shaped. This draws attention to your eyes.


6. Dress Sharp: Wear a dark-coloured shirt if you have a large belly. Avoid tight-fitting or crew-neck tops if you have a wrinkly neck or jowls because, they squeeze skin upward. A shirt collar over a round-necked jersey is a better option


7.¬†Sleep: The eyes are the one which effect if you don’t have sufficient sleep and dark circles appear very quick. Make sure you have 8 hours sleep, then you’ll look fresh.


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