Skin Care after Exercise

We generally take care of food we eat before and after the exercise we do. So there must be same care to the skin. Really! you spend half an hour to 1 hour to exercise and finally you’ll remain with all the sweat over your body. There are some tips here that you have take care of your skin after you doing the exercises so that your skin looks healthy.

♦ To remove the dead cells many of them use scrub with high Ph level, but that’s not the right way. If you use the scrubs with high Ph the dead cells along with the moisture present on your skin will also be removes and your skin becomes dry. So from now to remove the sweat particles and dead cells use cleansers with less ph level. You must do this the next minute you reach home after exercise, if not then the pores will be closed by sweat and dust particles.

♦ After cleaning your face, then apply moisturiser for sure. Then only your face looks fresh. You must use the best moisturizer which works best and your skin type.

♦ In gym though you do exercise or yoga or walking, the rate of heart beat increases. At that time you must not drink water, give a break and then have water. During hot environment the skin looses its moisture. After you come out of that environment then the skin tends to heal. After that you have to drink water.

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