Beauty with Potatoes

Always the potatoes will be first in the list of the vegetables which are cooked very fast. The fibre content and C vitamin which are excess in potato they are not only good for health but also the best for beauty. Here are few ways how the potatoes are used for our beauty. Just have a look and follow them to own your chic look.

1. Dark Circles: Due to heavy work and lack of sleep the dark circles probably appear to occur. To reduce these grate the potato and that grated potato is kept together and tie it in a cloth and keep it on your eyes for 10 to 15 minutes. Then remove it and clean your eyes with lukewarm water. Repeat it day by day for the best results.

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2. Wrinkles: Potatoes contain excess of anti-agents. Make a juice of it and add rosewater. Apply this mixture to your face. This reduces the wrinkles on your face for sure.


3. Acne: The pimples and acne that are bothering you on your face makes your face look odd. To reduce this boil the potato, mash it up and make a paste and add honey. Apply this as a pack on your face. Do this everyday in the morning so that the marks that are bothering you on your face will be reduced.


 4. Glow: All the agents that are present in the potato helps your skin glow. Boil the potato,mash it and add 1 spoon yoghurt, 1/2 spoon olive oil and make it into  a smooth paste and then apply it to your face as a pack. By repeating this process twice a week makes your skin glow naturally.


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