Make Your Eyes Attractive

The more your eyes are attractive the more you look beautiful. But some people have dark circles around their eyes and even wrinkles round the eyes. This makes them look greater than their actual age. To reduce this problem and if you want to have a bright eyes, here are a few tips you need to follow.


1.  Sitting for long time in front of computer and working without the knowledge whether its day or night makes the eye problems to an extreme. Even working in light for long time is also a reason for eye problems, this leads to dark circles and further wrinkles will start appearing. The perfect ingredient to reduce this problem is a cucumber. Cut it into pieces and keep them in refrigerator. After sometime keep them on your eyelids and take rest. Doing this makes your eyes feel fresh.

2. Always going for ¬†or doing some work under sun, the dust will be there on your skin. So wash your eyes frequently. Whenever you come home from outside apply cleansing milk with cotton ball round your eyes. This doesn’t produce dark circles and to reduce the dark circles which are already present add some lime juice and honey in the milk and apply it on the dark circles with a cotton ball.

3. If there are wrinkles round your eye then mash potato and add honey to it. Apply it. While you are applying or after applied you must not laugh or smile. I f you do the wrinkles increases. After 10-15 minutes wash it off with lukewarm water. Repeating it frequently the eyes become healthier and look beautiful.

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