10 Natural Ways To Defy Your AGE !

Many of you have a wish to look younger than EVER.

Do you remember when we are 6 to 10 years old or in our teenage, our mom’s applied Utban(home-made pack) made from Besan(gram flour) or aata(wheat) on our face and hands so that the color of hairs on our face and hands would lighten and after washing, our skin looked fresh, glowing and we felt awesome.

Well now its just a story form the past !

Because today there is such a mad rush to get beautiful and fair skin that we ignore the basic knowledge of what to use and what not to use on our delicate skin.

Many of you would still disagree with me, thinking that, home remedies no longer work for them, how will they ?

Skip the Gimmicks to Look and Feel Younger Than Ever !

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And try out these natural home-made face packs from which you’ll feel it’s the best way after a few days !

• Take 1 spoon honey, 2 spoons ripe papaya puree and mix them together. Now apply the mixture on your face as a pack. After 20 minutes if you wash with lukewarm water, you can observe the freshness on your face.

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•Take 1 spoon orange juice for 1/2 spoon honey and mix them. now apply it on your face as a pack . After it dries wash it off.It helps for rough face and helps to maintain moisture on your face.


• Soak 4 to 5 almonds in water and grind them till mixture becomes smooth and mix 1/2 spoon honey then apply to your face. It gives best results.


• Mix 1 spoon lemon juice, with 1/2 spoon honey along with 1 egg white together. And then apply to your face as a pack. For best results apply once in a week .


• For 1/2 spoon honey take 2 spoons banana puree and 1 spoon yogurt. Mix these together well and apply to your face. After 20 minuter wash. It makes your skin smooth and healthier.

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