Swirling Flower Updo


Why don’t you  have a go yourself with a friend and then create your own masterpiece. Just follow the steps for these beautiful styles, perfect for parties and special occasions.

Swirling Flower Updo

In order to get a wet and glossy look, you have to use a liquid hairspray, which suits ponytails as a basis to dressings.

STEP 1 & 2:


1. After a wavy brushing, divide the hair horizontally to the ear and mist with liquid hairspray.Assemble the back part in a ponytail.

2. Mist with glazing hairspray a small lock of hair and comb in upwards.


STEP 3 & 4 :


 3. Secure it with a tail comb and twist it as an “arch” over the ponytail, ending beneath the ponytail with an open pin.

 4. Take an additional lock of hair on the right side, mist it with glazing spray, secure with a tail comb.


STEP 5 & 6 :


 5. Roll it over with the tail comb as an “arch” over the former “arch” and secure it with a small open pin.

 6. Continue twisting the hair over the ponytail, forming “arches” – each “arch” on top of the other.


STEP  7 & 8 :


7. Start a new round of “arches”, mist another lock of hair with glazing spray, secure with a tail comb.

8. And twist it over the first round of “arches”.


STEP 9 & 10 :


9. And so on, from the centre downwards.

10. Secure over the first “arch”, with an open pin.


STEP 11 & 12 :


11. And so on and so forth.

12. Form a kind of “vane” of hair.


STEP 13 & 14 :


13. Leave the tail combs till the spray dries up.You can use a hair dryer, then remove the combs.

14. Pick up a lock of hair near the ear.


STEP 15 & 16 :


15. Mist it with glazing hairspray and comb it backwards, over the “vane”.

16. Roll it in beneath the “vane”.


STEP 17 & 18 :


17. Secure beneath the “vane”, below the “arches”, with an open pin.

18. Proceed with the other side pick up another lock of hair close to the ear.Mist with glazing spray and comb it downwards, under the “vane”.


STEP 19 & 20 :


19. Swirl it beneath the “arches” and while twisting, reach the other side, pulling the tips in between the “arches” and form a new “arch”.

20. Pick up a section of the front hair and comb them downwards.


STEP 21 & 22 :


21. Lay the hair lock from the crown, downwards, on the opposite side of the “vane”, secure with tail combs and secure the tip with an open pin fixed on the bottom of the “vane”.

22. Split into two the left over section of hair in the front, one being combed upwards and twisted over the “vane”, to the opposite side.


STEP 23 & 24 :


23. Smooth and secure with tail combs, fix with an open pin, under the “vane”.

24. Mist with glazing hairspray the last lock of hair.Comb it to the opposite side, downwards.


STEP 25 & 26 :


25. Smooth the underneath lock towards the vane and secure with an open pin on the vane’s basis.

26. Finished Result !

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