Tips To Protect Your Coloured Hair

Here’s some tips for care of coloured hair :

1. Avoid contact with bright sunlight. Little amount of sunrays accentuates the red tones.


2. Use of pH shampoos preference to special colour shampoo.

3. Washing of hair after swimming and use of hair conditioner to avoid dryness of hair.

4. Swim with caution.

5. If you are planning to colour your hair today, make sure you don’t shampoo for at least two days in prior. This is simply done to protect our hair roots from severe colour damage.

6.  Condition with a colour protecting shampoo.


7. If possible, then always go to a salon or a get a stylist to colour your hair as they know the best techniques to do so. Professional help is always better rather than doing it at home alone.

8. Wash your hair less frequently.

9. Stick to lukewarm or cooler “Heat makes dye leach faster: the hotter the water is, the quicker the color loss,” explains Thomas.

10. Avoid excessive rinsing in the shower.


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