How To Get Curly Hair Naturally

Pin Curls:

Pin curls is an old styling trick that have been popular for a few decades. Pin curling is the process of wrapping small strands of hair up into a loop, and then pinning them to your scalp for several hours. Start by washing your hair and towel-drying it so that it’s not soaking; use a curl-enhancing serum on your hair if you desire. Then, separate your hair into 1-inch or 2-inch strands. Then take each strand and wrap it around your finger until you reach the end, and then slide it off to form a spiral of hair. Hold this to your scalp and use two to three bobby pins to secure the curl in place, by forming an ‘X’ through the center. Allow your hair to dry overnight, and then remove the bobby pins to reveal the curls.

⇒ You can even use larger sections of hair for bigger curls, but these will be harder to secure in place with pins.

⇒ The curls will be formed once your hair is dry, so you may need to blow – dry your hair a bit to finish off the process if your scalp feels at all damp

• And through this image you can still easily understand the steps that you have to follow!


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