5 Short Hair Cuts You Could Try Right Now!

Colouring your hair is a big style statement. If you are willing to experiment, you can go for a full color change, also known as global colouring. One really popular hair color, that is seen on most style circuits internationally, is RED. Red hair looks really gorgeous, especially on short hair.

So, if you haven’t coloured your hair already, it’s time to turn it into RED.

And here are our Top 5 short red hairstyles for women:

1. Edgy Short Red Hairstyle:


A short hairstyle with edgy bangs and a touch of red looks very glamorous. If you are planning to sport a simple but trendy hairstyle that’s short, then you can surely try this one.

2. Front Banged Bob Red Hairstyle:


A short bob haircut in red can look really awesome. You can ask your stylist to give you front bangs that covers only one eye. You can blow dry them and use a roller brush to create outward feathers. You may colour the entire hair red or just colour the bangs. Both styles of colouring are equally popular. This hairstyle goes best with almost all short party dresses.

3. Outward Feathered Short Red Hairstyle:


To create this hairstyle you need to have a head full of thick hair. The layering effect in this hairstyle will come out well only when created on thick hair. Colour your hair in different tones of red. Additionally, if you’re really in the mood to party and make it funky, you can add some false extensions with colours like moss green or purple

4. Red Thick Bob Hairstyle with Messy Waves:


This is a fluffed up bob. You can easily create this kind of volume for your hair using your blow dryer. Alternatively, you may opt to go for a professional blow drying at the salon for best results.Curl the ends with a small curling iron, preferably 1 and ½ inch.

♦ Curl the ends with a small curling iron, preferably 1 and 1/2 inch.

♦ Now brush it out.

♦ And now set the style with medium hold hair spray.

 5. Funky Biker Girl Red Short Hairstyle:


A funky biker girl hairstyle looks extremely stylish and chic. If you’re into the whole tom boyish look, then this is perfect for you to wear. It’s also great for those who want to get a different look from what they are normally seen in.

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