The Magic Of Massages

#  Steps Of The Massage

1. Tie your hair back, away from your face.

2. Apply the cream over the face and neck. Use powder for oily skins.

3. With your hands facing inward, start at the base of neck and run your fingers lightly up, onto and over the face. Let the fingers of one hand follow those of the other, to the centre of the face.

4. Using your index and middle fingers only, tap tightly all over the face.

5. With the thumb and index finger, gently knead the chin around the mouth and fleshly part part of the cheeks. Don’t pull or pinch at the skin, but keep the movements firm, steady and even.

6. Smooth and soothe  the forehead by ironing over the fine lines. Hold the skin firm between the index and middle fingers of one hand, and using the index finger of the other hand, massage the skin with in and out movements. Do this over the whole forehead.

7. Using the same 2 fingers, massage the cheeks in circular movements.

8. Now for the eyes: With the middle finger of each hand, gently smooth over the brow bone to the outside of the eye, then bring the fingers below the eyes and back to the centre. With the little finger, press around the outside of the eye especially where fine lines are present,and release immediately.

9. Repeat all the above steps thrice.

10. Finally close your eyes, and relax for  a few minutes.

11. Remove all of the cream.

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