General Tips : Tips For Lipstick

The cost of lipstick is sometimes outrageous. Make sure you use every scrap. When the “tube” has been used down to the bottom, carefully remove what is left of the “wax”, mix it with just a little petroleum jelly into a reasonable container. Now you have lip gloss!

1. Long lasting lipstick can dry lips.

2. Lighter colours make lips look bigger.


3. Dark colours make lips look smaller.


4. Pearlised lipsticks enhance imperfections, therefore, best avoided by the older generation.

5. Lick a liquorice comfit and use the end as a lipstick. The dye actually stays on for hours, is presumably non toxic and comes in a variety of interesting colours (green, purple, red) – possibly not a tip for those important board meetings though!

6. Make your lipstick stay on longer by first brushing some talcum powder on your lips, then apply first coat of lipstick (preferably with a brush), blot, then gently brush on more talcum powder, followed by another layer of lipstick.


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