General Refreshing Masks: Top 8

1. Grapes (just cut a berry in half and rub lightly)

2. Strawberries (test behind your ear first, because many people are allergic to strawberries used this way even though they can eat them just fine)

3. Honey and ricotta cheese

4. Many fruits and vegetables can also be used to good effect. Anything acidic (lemon, strawberries, etc) will tend to whiten and refresh your skin, but you need to be careful if your skin is dry. In general, don’t apply masks more often than about twice a week, and try to vary the ingredients. Home made facial masks containing natural ingredients are quick and simple to prepare at home.

Bases: The base of facial (face) mask is natural clay or gel. Clays are generally for deep cleansing. Gels are suitable for sensitive skin.

Green Clay (argile verte): Suitable for all skin types (except sensitive skin), rich in minerals, antiseptic, cleansing, balancing and stimulating circulation lymph and blood.

Clays: Fullers earth – suitable for normal – skins only,cleansing, and stimulating effect.

Kaolin: Suitable for normal-oily skins, astringent, detoxifying, cleansing and stimulating circulation of lymph and blood

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