Hand and Feet Care

To make your hands look pretty as well as well kept, start with manicure. It takes about 15 minutes, and once a week is quite enough. Once your hands are manicured, all you need is a little natural oil to keep it moisturized.

A. Simple To Do-Home Manicure :

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a. First, remove your older nail polish and then file your nails. Long nails are best suited to people with long slim fingers, and if you have short, sturdy fingers, please make sure that your nails are shaped to an oval, and not more than 1/16 th of an inch past the fingertip.

b. Next, soak your hands in the soapy water, for 2 minutes. Press back the cuticles, very gently with your towel. They are very delicate, and need moisturising. To remove any soap deposit, wipe your nails again with nail polish remover.

c. Apply a base coat, beginning with the thumb. Base coats are normally transparent nail polishes, which are either strengtheners, or just present to stop the chemical products of the nail polish, to yellow your nails.

d. After it has dried, apply nail polish. Use only 2 light coats, allowing the first to dry completely before applying the second.

e. Finally, when the polish is completely dry, massage the coconut oil/Almond oil/Olive oil into your hands up to the wrist.

A manicure once a week keeps your hands feeling good. As it is always preferable to use natural products, rather than expensive creams and moisturisers, go back to nature and every night, use a little bit of milk cream, or milk as a natural moisturiser. A little bit of salt added to it will bleach your hands beautifully.

Ways To Have Beautiful Legs :


1. If you have too thin legs, improve them with exercises. The legs can look much more shapely with exercises.

A. Put your heels together. Rise on your toes. Sink to the ground. Bending your knees back, straight and then get up slowly. This exercise has to be repeated three times, and it is sheer cruelty! But it works.

B. Walking and bicycling are wonderful exercises for shapely legs, at the office, walk up the stairs, instead of taking the lift!

2. Sometimes, legs may not be fat, but look heavy, because of bad circulation. Put your legs and feet up. In case, you have a feeling of water retention, drink about 6 glasses of water, and get the wastes out.

3. Smooth legs look more appealing than fuzzy legs. Creams can be used as hair removers, and there are quite a number of ladies’ shaving tools present in the market. But the best natural depilatory is the turmeric paste, applying before a bath, and left onto dry. After a bath, make your skin feel good by moisturising it.

4. Remove scars on your hands and feet the natural way…… Rub them with lemon peels 5- 7 minutes a day, twice a day for 7 days to see a marked improvement.




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