Goldy Look For All Skin Types !!

Every skin tone can wear the new smoky eye-just use the right colour shadow! Check out this goldy looks and see what’s good for you.

# For Olive Skin Tone

1 A true gold cream shadow is best for olive – toned skin.

2 Blend it over your lids and under your lower lashes, concentrating around your lash lines to make your dark eye lashes really POP !

# For Tawny Skin Tone

1 Using a chubby pale gold shadow pencil anything brighter could clash with yellow – toned skin.

2 Smooth over your lids from your lash lines to just below your brows.

# For Fair Skin Tone

1 Apply a dab of concealer to lids so the shadow will look more intense on your fair skin.

2 Then sweep a honey yellow shadow from lash lines to creases, then under lower lashes.

# For Dark Skin Tone

1 Dip a damp eye shadow brush in a bright yellow loose shadow.

2 Make a 1/4 inch – thick line along your top lash lines, then a thinner one beneath your lower lashes.

3 The two lines should look edgy, not clownish.

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