Dark Circles

# Easy Make Over

1 Before applying concealer gently pat a light eye cream under the eye to moisturise the skin. Use your ring finger to pat on moisturiser and concealer since the skin in this delicate area is extra delicate and the ring finger, which has the least amount of strength, is less likely to pull or tear.

2 To apply concealer use a concealer brush ( similar to a lip brush with soft bristles ) to get in those hard to reach areas such as the inner corners of eyes and to get concealer exactly where you want it.

3 Apply the concealer under your eyes up as far as the lash line to the inner corners. Do not apply concealer to your eye lids because your eye shadow will crease. Then, pat po blend with your ring finger.

4 Apply foundation over the concealer, also in a patting motion around the eyes, being careful not to rub any concealer off.

5 In order for your foundation to have a nice clear look you must use an exfoliant regularly. After you have applied foundation use powder to keep the foundation in place.

# Blemishes

1 Moisturise as usual and then blot a little concealer on the blemish using a concealer brush.

2 Apply foundation.

3 If the blemish is still visible use the brush to paint a little foundation over the blemish.

4 Use just one dab of powder on the blemish to set the foundation.

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